I was listening to Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1 on Friday night and it was insane! 4 hours of drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep that we can look forward to in 2010. If you want to listen to then click here (it expires on the 8th, so be quick).
I am loving the style that Joker & Ginz make with their mix between dubstep and hip-hop/r&b. To be honest not really sure what it actually is but it is just brilliant. This is their best track together

Joker & Ginz – Purple City

This track by Jakwob is really chilled out until it hits this ugly wobble of a bassline which is massive. Huge hit from 2009 and something to really look forward to for 2010. So keep your eye on Jakwob.

Jakwob – Starry Eyed

Now, the highlight of this post. It’s an intense drum ‘n’ bass track from Rollz and well, I’m not gonna say much because really you should just download the track and see for yourself. Do not underestimate this heavy bass through your sound system.

Rollz – Plugged In


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