Interview: Graphics

I have recently posted somethings on Graphics and I really think he is gonna be massive this year coming. If any of you guys ever get the chance to see him live then I would highly suggest it. Check out this remixes and his own stuff on the posts we have already done.

First of all, where did the name Graphics come from?
It was my mates choice, apparently if he had been an artist he would have called himself Graphics, so I suppose I nicked it from him!

Well, thats what all good friends do! Am I right in thinking you are from Oxford? Did this have any impact in your choice of music?
Yer I am, well Oxford didn’t have anything to do with my choice of making dubstep, there isn’t really a dubstep scene at all there. It is however the home of Radiohead who are my biggest influence so I suppose in a way it did have an impact…

What kind of music were you brought up in during your childhood?
I can’t really thank my parents for influencing the music I make as they mostly listened to classical so I kinda discovered it on my own. Bands like the strokes, libertines and Radiohead were big in my childhood. I then discovered some minimal composers like Steve Reich which got me into electronic music. I started listening to a lot of IDM like Aphex, James Holden, and Four Tet. I only got into dubstep fairly recently after I was getting bored of electro.

How and when did you start producing music?
I started producing about two and a bit years ago on garageband. It was Thom Yorke’s album ‘The Eraser’ which made me want to. The songs I were making were mainly based around guitar riffs with synths and programmed drums. I only started making dubstep in July and I still produce a bit of minimal/electronica.

I have been told many times that you are gonna be massive in 2010. Can you tell us what you’re going to be producing?
Thank you! I’m going to be carrying on doing both remixes and originals. I’m working on some kinda 2step stuff so i’ll see where that goes. I haven’t really got a gameplan though apart from to keep making tunes!

Who is your favourite producer at the moment?
Joy Orbison/Autopilot

How do you pass the time when you’re not dropping tunes?
I play piano and guitar alot, see friends etc, watch shane meadows films…

What gear do you use when you are producing beats?
I’ve got a macbook pro and run Logic Pro. I’ve got a pair of KRK moniters but usually produce on cans.

Can you tell us who to look forward to this year?
I reckon Nosaj Thing is gonna be pretty big also look out for the new four tet and LCD soundsystem album. I’m also pretty excited about the new Joker album.

Any final words for the fans?
Yer thanks alot for the support. I always like criticism, so don’t hold back. Become a fan on facebook and keep on checking my myspace and soundcloud.

Safe words there from one hell of a producer. Make sure you keep track on this guy and we will try and make sure that we get his stuff posted first.

 Flux Pavillion-Voscilliate (Graphics Remix)  by  Graphics

This is Graphics’ latest track and there should be a download link very soon.

One response to “Interview: Graphics

  1. big up! this is one safe interview. there better be more interviews on the way. definitely will be makin sure to get graphics songs.

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