Interview: Mustard Pimp

So, here it is. The Mustard Pimp interview is here and it is ready. Not gonna say anymore. BIG UP

1. First of all, explain the name ‘Mustard Pimp’
We wanted to take the name “Sylvester Staline” but it was already taken, so we’ve chosen Mustard Pimp.

2. What type of music did you listen to during childhood and has it inspired you?
Eurodance, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Black Metal and don’t forget Acid Techno and Gabber.

3. How and when did you guys meet each other?
Eka was in a Hardcore band where a friend was performing, I was djing since a while and he produces some strange stuff in his garage, so we started to make some shits together.

4. We always like to know what is gonna happen in advance, so can you tell us what you have up your sleeves for 2010?
We’d love to know, lot of work to do in studio first, worked on some new tracks lately and got 5 remixes to do in the next weeks, after future will speak.

5. With so many producers dropping beats at the moment, who is your favourite?
Shinichi Osawa, Hot Pink Delorean and Blatta & Inesha.

6. You have done loads of tracks now so is there one that is your favourite?
Hmm hard to tell, Satan is still going down pretty well live, so let’s say this one.

7. What are your top 5 favourite tracks at the moment?

1)Hot Pink Delorean – Let’s Go

2)Mustard Pimp – Cherry ( Taku Takahashi Remix)

3)Ajapai – Two Sworded

4)Lee Mortimer & Foamo – Superman

5)Rayflash – Body Talk

8. How do you spend your time when you are not producing?
When we are not producing we’re listening to new promo stuff, when we don’t do this we’re making some promotion and marketing on us ,and when we’re not doing all this it means we’re on tour!

 9. Who can we look forward to in 2010?
Hot Pink Delorean, Ajapai, Blatta & Inesha, Gtronic.

10. A bit off the point, but if you had to be a Pokemon character who would it be?

11. Any final words for the fans/readers?
Don’t believe french touch.

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