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G31 – Boomstick

Demo Of G31’s Pity

  G31 – Pity (SFLY003A 12″)  by  G31

Another classic reggae track here from G31 which is gonna be released on Stupidfly Records on the 26th of February so make sure you share the penny for the great efforts of this man


G31 – FLESH EATING CREATURE (pre)  by  G31

G31 – Hunger

Wow! G31 never stops bringing out new reggae vibes! This is another great from G31 where he mixes both relaxing reggae with an ugly wobble.

G31 & Kirkus – Here We Go (clip)

G31 & Kirkus – Here We Go (clip) by  G31

Keep your eyes on this guy G31 because he is intense! This has one dirty bassline. Unfortunately, this is only a clip of the song but hopefully soon we will have the full length version.

G31 – Mind The Dubstep

You probably remember last week when I posted a song called ‘I Smoked A Spliff’ by G31, well G31 has just made an hour long mixtape and I think that its sweet. Definitely worth a download…


01. Wiley – Scratchy Beat
02. Benny Page & Zero G – Panpipes (DSB)
03. Roommate & The Bassist – Rub A Dub (Stupid Fly)
04. FuntCase – Gorilla Flex (420)
05. Mista Hyde – Far East Skanker (VIP) (dub)
06. JKenzo – Thai Clinch (Unreleased)
07. Radikal Guru & Cian Finn – Inilusion
08. G31 – Smoked a Spliff (dub)
09. G31 & Kirkus – The Law (dub)
10. FuntCase – Make Our Day (Graffiti) (420)
11. Rusko – Hammertime (Sub Soldiers)
12. Bar 9 – Shaolin Style (Nero remix) (Bar9)
13. Direct Feed – Dub fi Kill (dub)
14. Smellos – Stink Pickle (dub)
15. Artful Dodger – ReRewind (HavocNdeeD RemiX) (dub)
16. Aeroplane Dope – Crackstep (dub)
17. Selfsimilar & Press – Party People (TT021)
18. Pure Phase – Sleng Teng (dub)
19. Suspicious Stench – Breathe (Suspicious Stench)
20. RAkoon – Ron (Dub Bullet)
21. Paranoise – Aqua (dub)
22. Skism – The Blank (16Bit Remix) (Wicky Lindows)
23. High Rankin – The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville (Cheaper Thrills)
24. Bar 9 – Bakin Bread (Z Audio)
25. Kirkus – Kill The Batman (dub)

BTW does anyone know any dubstep ‘happy birthday’ songs???

G31 – Smoked A Spliff

G31 – SMOKED A SPLIFF (aim g31step) by  G31

Brilliant track using Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’