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Interview: J. Rabbit

Before reading this interview make sure that you check out the posts we have already done for J. Rabbit because there are some banging beats by him especially his remix of Eiffel 65’s Blue coz that is just something else! Anyway back to the interview…

Alrite, talk us through where the name ‘J. Rabbit’ came from.

Well the name “rabbit” was giving to me after high school, either due to my paleness or due to the fact that some people think I look like “rabbit” from the movie ‘Super Troopers’, regardless it stuck for a long time and with my first name starting with the letter “J”, it seemed like a good choice.  So really it’s just my first name and my nick name combined.

Has the music that you were brought around in your childhood influenced you to what you produce now?

I would have to say most definitely, the earliest band I can remember listening to and loving was “Primus”.  In that band the bass is the lead instrument while the guitar is the backup, while most bands are the exact opposite, and being a bass player, I was naturally all about it.  Then obviously when I got into Aphex Twin and Crystal Method at an early age I started to taking notice to synthetics, I was hooked and started to explore other forms of electronic music.

How and when did you start producing your beats?

Well, when I moved to The Bronx, 5 years ago, I started playing around with music on the computer, I would record sounds from my records and lay them together in order to kind of make music, but I really had no direction or knowledge of what I was doing.  Then a couple years ago I became close friends with Terravita/Hot Pink Delorean and their protege, Fantastadon, and all those guys really took me under their wing.  They would answer my questions, give me constructive criticism, and would show me and explain to me different concepts of sound design and sound engineering.

What have you got planned for the coming months?

Well, right now actually I’m pretty busy and excited, just got word that I will be playing the Winter Music Conference this year, and I’m stoked on that, I’ve never been to Miami and it should be a great time.  As far as upcoming tunes,  I just started working with Simplify Recordings, and have a couple EP’s planned with them, the earliest should be out soon with Fantastadon.  I also have remixes getting ready to come out with Play Me Records, Delorean Music Company and Digital Terror Records.  I’ve also been linking up with labels based out of the UK, San Francisco & Atlanta, but it’s too soon to say who, what and when.  Then aside from other bookings and remixes I plan on blogging, I’m quite swamped, yet really excited at this moment.

Who is your favourite producer at the moment?

I would have to say that my favorite producer of all time is Clipz. Something about when a tune drops and it sounds nothing like you thought it would sound like, creates such energy on the dance floor.  I’ve always found his music unique, even the work he does as Redlight is great, but I would have to say that he made me feel it was alright to experiment with noises that some people might dismiss.  To this day, even with all the great dubstep and drum n’ bass coming out, Slippery Slopes is still my favorite drum n’ bass tune of all time.

What gear do you use to produce your filthy songs?

Right now I’m running FL9 and using Massive to make all my noises.  I’ve also starting using Albino more and more but to be honest, I still think that Massive has the best interface, is the easiest to use and creates the best sound.

What are you up to when not in the studio?

Well, I wish it was more exciting, but I live in the Bronx with my fiance, and when not working in the studio, I’m usually just relaxing with her, like playing with ours cats, watching tv or playing video games.  I do get to travel quite a bit so when on the road, sometimes I’ll find myself hanging out with my boys in Boston (Terravita / Fantastadon), and we’ll go ‘ghost hunting’ and take pictures in cemeteries, or find we’ll get some vegan pizza and play Halo.

Is there a song that you have produced and is your favourite?

I would have to say not really, I mean, after finishing a tune, if I’m really happy with it, I’ll be stoked on it for a while, till I write another tune, then it’ll kind of fall off.  It’s not that I don’t like the tune any more, just that I’ve heard it alot and now I’m focused on what’s next yanno?  But I must say that all my tunes are my favourite at some point or another, even if it’s only for a week or so.

Who can we look forward to this year?

Like who is up and coming?  I’d have to give a shout to Borgore, and I know I’m probably late on the Borgore express, but I just started taking notice to him and I have to say that his tune ‘Saturday Night’ is banging, I find him really original and he seems to have a very unique and heavy sound.

Any final words for the readers/fans?

Just keep listening, I have some big plans for 2010 in the works… and if you’re reading this, I hope all is well, and that you’re around people that are cool.

Interview: Mustard Pimp

So, here it is. The Mustard Pimp interview is here and it is ready. Not gonna say anymore. BIG UP

1. First of all, explain the name ‘Mustard Pimp’
We wanted to take the name “Sylvester Staline” but it was already taken, so we’ve chosen Mustard Pimp.

2. What type of music did you listen to during childhood and has it inspired you?
Eurodance, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Black Metal and don’t forget Acid Techno and Gabber.

3. How and when did you guys meet each other?
Eka was in a Hardcore band where a friend was performing, I was djing since a while and he produces some strange stuff in his garage, so we started to make some shits together.

4. We always like to know what is gonna happen in advance, so can you tell us what you have up your sleeves for 2010?
We’d love to know, lot of work to do in studio first, worked on some new tracks lately and got 5 remixes to do in the next weeks, after future will speak.

5. With so many producers dropping beats at the moment, who is your favourite?
Shinichi Osawa, Hot Pink Delorean and Blatta & Inesha.

6. You have done loads of tracks now so is there one that is your favourite?
Hmm hard to tell, Satan is still going down pretty well live, so let’s say this one.

7. What are your top 5 favourite tracks at the moment?

1)Hot Pink Delorean – Let’s Go

2)Mustard Pimp – Cherry ( Taku Takahashi Remix)

3)Ajapai – Two Sworded

4)Lee Mortimer & Foamo – Superman

5)Rayflash – Body Talk

8. How do you spend your time when you are not producing?
When we are not producing we’re listening to new promo stuff, when we don’t do this we’re making some promotion and marketing on us ,and when we’re not doing all this it means we’re on tour!

 9. Who can we look forward to in 2010?
Hot Pink Delorean, Ajapai, Blatta & Inesha, Gtronic.

10. A bit off the point, but if you had to be a Pokemon character who would it be?

11. Any final words for the fans/readers?
Don’t believe french touch.

Interview: Graphics

I have recently posted somethings on Graphics and I really think he is gonna be massive this year coming. If any of you guys ever get the chance to see him live then I would highly suggest it. Check out this remixes and his own stuff on the posts we have already done.

First of all, where did the name Graphics come from?
It was my mates choice, apparently if he had been an artist he would have called himself Graphics, so I suppose I nicked it from him!

Well, thats what all good friends do! Am I right in thinking you are from Oxford? Did this have any impact in your choice of music?
Yer I am, well Oxford didn’t have anything to do with my choice of making dubstep, there isn’t really a dubstep scene at all there. It is however the home of Radiohead who are my biggest influence so I suppose in a way it did have an impact…

What kind of music were you brought up in during your childhood?
I can’t really thank my parents for influencing the music I make as they mostly listened to classical so I kinda discovered it on my own. Bands like the strokes, libertines and Radiohead were big in my childhood. I then discovered some minimal composers like Steve Reich which got me into electronic music. I started listening to a lot of IDM like Aphex, James Holden, and Four Tet. I only got into dubstep fairly recently after I was getting bored of electro.

How and when did you start producing music?
I started producing about two and a bit years ago on garageband. It was Thom Yorke’s album ‘The Eraser’ which made me want to. The songs I were making were mainly based around guitar riffs with synths and programmed drums. I only started making dubstep in July and I still produce a bit of minimal/electronica.

I have been told many times that you are gonna be massive in 2010. Can you tell us what you’re going to be producing?
Thank you! I’m going to be carrying on doing both remixes and originals. I’m working on some kinda 2step stuff so i’ll see where that goes. I haven’t really got a gameplan though apart from to keep making tunes!

Who is your favourite producer at the moment?
Joy Orbison/Autopilot

How do you pass the time when you’re not dropping tunes?
I play piano and guitar alot, see friends etc, watch shane meadows films…

What gear do you use when you are producing beats?
I’ve got a macbook pro and run Logic Pro. I’ve got a pair of KRK moniters but usually produce on cans.

Can you tell us who to look forward to this year?
I reckon Nosaj Thing is gonna be pretty big also look out for the new four tet and LCD soundsystem album. I’m also pretty excited about the new Joker album.

Any final words for the fans?
Yer thanks alot for the support. I always like criticism, so don’t hold back. Become a fan on facebook and keep on checking my myspace and soundcloud.

Safe words there from one hell of a producer. Make sure you keep track on this guy and we will try and make sure that we get his stuff posted first.

 Flux Pavillion-Voscilliate (Graphics Remix)  by  Graphics

This is Graphics’ latest track and there should be a download link very soon.