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Splash (Rusko Remix)

I have always been a fan of Sub Focus’ work. It is always fresh and is always with a great drop to the songs. One of my favourite tracks by Sub Focus has got to be ‘Splash’. It is so simple and with the mystery to the song it is a proper dancefloor anthem! Recently I have come across a remix of this by Rusko with vocals by Coco, and well again its different. I do quite like Rusko’s new style and I know that there are people out there who disagree but you might as well give it a chance…

Remember Rusko’s debut album, OMG, will be coming out 10th May.






MoNsTeR PoSt

This is a BIG One

This song is old but none the less still brilliant! The only song i have heard from Herbdout and Unlikely that we will see more from him soon so savour this one!

All i can say for this next bit is fucking brilliant. For those of you who like the chilled side of Dubstep then this the master for you is right here……… MT EDEN DUBSTEP!!! I love all these tracks but if i were to pick a favourite it would be “Sierra Leone” which is just so good and is really racking up the plays for me at the moment. Settle down and enjoy!

2 Cheeky D n’ B tracks here from Sigma which are still two of my favourite D n’ B tracks out there! Chase and Status have made fantastic work of Sigma’s “All Blue” and Sigma has done a nice job of an RnB song by Mclean called “broken” with nice build up and just nice all round! Take the chance for these tracks while you have it!

Now a very creative track, shall we say, from another DnB artist called Mistabishi! Clever use of printer sounds to turn it into a DnB beat and make a very nice track! Good work!

A very nice remix here from A1 Bassline who we haven’t heard from recently! This isn’t exactly a recent song but still good enough to post and play!

Who likes the bass….we like the bass and this song packs a lot of it! First stuff we
have heard from Bassnectar and so far so good! This is a must have!

Some Classic Rusko next including the original and a Dub Fiend remix of my favourite song of his, 2 N A Q! Not much from Rusko of recent but looking forward to hearing some new stuff soon!

Bit of Grime up Next with a Remix by Numbernin6! Had a sweet beat end of last year called “Mosh” which we have posted near our first pages so go back and check that out as well if you haven’t done so already!

Recently we have become very fond of Borgore and here is another hit beat from

him Featuring Jazzasteppa who i haven’t much of before but with this song they make a good team. Listen for yourself! For fucking Free!

This is a huge Tuuune! HavocNdeeD have made sweet sweet love with this song and turned into a massive heavy bass bitch! Enjoy this one!

Now a very Special song from Nick Supply…..speechless! just listen for yourself this song needs no explanation!

This song isn’t that new but still worth a listen to. Definitely a ‘turn it the fuck up’ speaker job! Download this and do what you have to!

And last but not least a remix by C0ma and this is he first song i have heard by him/them! Nice big bass and good old wobble in the background!

A track here which should never be forgotten. Flying Buttress by 80Kidz has got to be one of the finest tracks around.

80Kidz – Flying Buttress

Finally, Joker is back with a sweet remix of Sub Focus’s ‘Could This Be Real’. Nuff said

Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Joker Remix)

All Done!